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Bochum Summer School on Religious Pluralisation

By Markus Hero on  Fri 08 Oct 2010 06:04:07 AM

Enhancing networking of young researchers in this field, a summer school will be held at Bochum University from 26th-31st July 2010. The Summer School is directed at young researchers from all European countries.

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The phenomena of migration and religious pluralization are interconnected in many ways. Migration often adds to the religious diversity in countries of (new) immigration. During the establishment of transnational migrant communities religious activities may intensify both as a contribution to community building and as a result of religious competition and strife. On the other hand, religious pluralization may (and has) become a trigger for emigration e.g. of persecuted minorities. Finally, religious self-descriptions as well attributions of religious difference are used in all kinds of inter-ethnic struggles – including struggles about the legitimacy of immigration.

The summer school will provide insights into theoretical and empirical research on religious pluralization and migration. The thematic focus will be on religious pluralization as a transnational process: Religious pluralization has an impact on migrants’ community building and self organization as well as on public discourse about migrants and religious identities and competition.
During the Summer School lectures of renowned scholars will give an overview on state of the art research in the field. In addition, qualitative as well as quantitative research methods are introduced and discussed in more detail in small working groups. Overall, the program offers advanced M.A.- and Ph.D. students the opportunity to present and discuss their research projects in a professional environment of scholars and experts.