Interactive Map

As innovative form of visualisation, CERES has developed a unique interactive map for the research project Religiöse Vielfalt lokal - regional - global featuring a display of all religious groups in a single region. It visualises the dispersion of all religious groups in North Rhine-Westphalia and enables a selected combination of choosen displayed information.

Interactive map of local religious plurality

Click here to open the interactive map of religions in North Rhine-Westphalia


Users of this interactive map retrieve various dimensions of the religious landscape by choosing

  • a single religion
  • profiles of communities or local religious centres of one religion
  • a directory for each community or local religious centre and its location on a topographic map.

Furthermore, users may superimpose congregations belonging to different organizations. Please click on the icon map above to open the interactive map.


Religious Plurality in NRW


Prof. Volkhard Krech &
             Dr. Jens Schlamelcher

CERES, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany


This project was funded by: